About Me

I am a data scientist and CFA charterholder who is driven by a strong desire to continually learn, refine, and dig deeper into areas of interest, whether they be complex financial derivatives or homebrewing beer. I take pride in arriving at innovative and efficient solutions while clearly conveying my process and conclusions to stakeholders.


Software and More:

  • Python | SQL | Scala | VBA
  • Jupyter | GitHub | Docker | Databricks
  • S&P Capital IQ | Bloomberg | Oracle Crystal Ball
  • Tableau | Excel | PowerPoint | Word

Python Packages:

  • Modeling: pandas | NumPy | scikit-learn
  • Viz: Matplotlib | seaborn
  • Deep Learning: Keras | TensorFlow
  • Web Tools: BeautifulSoup | Selenium | Flask | APIs

Recent Work

Find the Metric that Matters

Lessons from professional golf tell the story of how unconventional metrics can better fit your organization.

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